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We work with UK musicians, music festivals and record labels in developing their image. Brand Identity    |   Marketing    |    Social Media
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Independant Lable Promotion

We have worked along side some of the newest emerging artists and record labels in creating their brand. We come from a muscical background which brings a real understanding of not only what artists are looking for but what record labels and music festivals can benefit from to grow their presence. In 2014, we worked on creating the branding and design work for festival maps, tickets, lanyards, and posters for a Lakes-based music festival.

We work with existing and emerging record labels in developing their image from branding to web design. We have been very fortunate to work with some incredible tallent.

Brand Experience
Beautiful and easy to understand

We have worked with music festivals Musicians and bands in creating their branding, web design, ticket/booklet designs, merch, stage design/banner, photography, posters and social media design.

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Social Media
Everything that your brand needs to get noticed

We are a independant creative company specializing in Photography and branding. We create logos and visuals that speak to your ideal audience, packaging that pops off the shelves, and easy-to-use, engaging websites.

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